Tessa Garigliano Photography
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My photographs capture idealized moments in nature and in my life. I choose my subjects as I see them. Things that make me feel and see the world more clearly an with and intensity that I hope others will feel through my work.

No matter what the subject is, I capture a special moment in the world around me. People and nature are always changing and taking a small piece of time is important to me as a person and as an artist. I rarely leave the house without my camera and I enjoy photographing and documenting my life. As I walk out the door each day I never know what will catch my eye and what situations I will find myself in.

Landscapes, Flowers, People, and Animals are just some of the things that interest me. Each photograph I take is a realization of something I see and feel. I see something and know instantly that I must have a photograph. I see things in a way that others often do not and my work reflects this. Each Photograph is an intensified image of something that may not seem as spectacular at first glance in real life. My art transforms these moments into something almost magical that will live past the unique moment when it was taken.

I am often so amazed by the world around me that I cannot focus on one theme, medium, subject matter etc, but just as life its self, I never know where my artwork will take me.